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Team Competitions

You may wonder where all the hard work leads? Apart from the great benefits described herein, the students are working towards the Betty Fitzpatrick Competition (usually held in August) and the CAWA State Championships (held in September). Both competitions are where all the Calisthenics clubs in WA come together to display the work they have been taught during the year. It is an exciting time for students and parents.

Graceful Solo Competition

The Graceful Solo Competition are an optional competition, held in April/May each year and is open to all affiliated Calisthenic students.  This routine is similar to aesthetic exercises, but performed as a solo.  It is open to girls 10 years and over (10 at 31stDecember of that year).

Solo & Duo Competitions

Solo and Duo Competitions are an optional competition, held in October/November each year and is open to all affiliated Calisthenic students.  The students perform a routine similar to free exercises, with a bit of dance thrown in, either by themselves (solo) or with a partner (duo).  They compete against students from other clubs of the same age.  Training for these starts just after September competitions are finished.

Family Concert

The club hosts a family concert, usually in August between the Betty Fitzpatrick and CAWA State Championship concerts.  All of the teams in the club perform some of their items.  It is a great opportunity to see what the whole club has been working on all year.  We also present various participation and class awards at the concert to recognize dedication to calisthenics and our club.

Future Stars Concert

This is the big day for our Tinies team. The CAWA holds a concert at the end of every year to give all teams who do not enter competitions an opportunity to perform the work they have learned throughout the year.

State Team

The ultimate in Calisthenics is to be selected into the State Team to compete in the Australian Calisthenics Federation National Championships. This is held in July in a different State/Territory each year. Trials are held at the end of each year and training usually commences straight away with a break being taken over the Christmas Holidays.