Club History | Athena Cali Club

Club History

After much discussion and many meetings throughout the 2001 year, on the 11 December 2001 the Inaugural AGM was held for the new calisthenics club, combining both Northside and Stirling Calisthenics Clubs.

At the AGM Fiona Sassenfeld was voted the Inaugural President and she was joined by a mix of new and old faces to form a very excited and enthusiastic inaugural committee, including Christine Polglaze as Head Coach.

The name Athena was voted by the members and the club colours would be orange and black.

The vision for this new club was realized by then Presidents – Kerry Hoppenbrouwers and Val Kendrick.

With Northside and Stirling Calisthenics Clubs beginning to share many resources including girls, coaches and training venues it seems only a natural progression that we, as clubs, consider amalgamating.

There are many positive reasons for this decision including:

  • More parents to fill positions on one club committee instead of two committees duplicating jobs
  • Reducing overlapping in catchment areas and locations for promoting Calisthenics
  • We already share coaching staff and training venues
  • Allows girls to work in bigger teams and with girls of same ability rather than having smaller, struggling teams with varied abilities all together. This therefore reduces the number of girls leaving Calisthenics due to being disillusioned working with a team that is either too strong or weak for their capabilities.

Many challenges were met and resolved in the first few years of the Athena Calisthenics Club, most being general housekeeping issues.

Our club has continued to grow in numbers and strength over it’s short history and several of our teams have achieved winning success at State Championships and all teams have competed to a very high standard at all times. Every year we are well represented at State Team both with competing girls and personnel.

Our club holds annual club family concerts and supports CAWA Cali skills program.

We continue to have a strong progressive committee, with great support from our very generous parent base.